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married. officially. everything was perfect. sweet ceremony, great food, lots of people, dancing and drinking. our families united.

yesterday was lovely.
cubs game was chilly, but they won. auntie carol made jake and i wear bride and groom hats.
our wedding was announced on the screen. hot dogs are the best when wrapped in foil and sold by vendors at wrigley.

sybaris was amazing. our room had multiple stories and a huge pool and a steamroom and a waterfall and a jacuzzi and a hottub. my bed was covered with rose petals. it was heavenly.

today has been fun. endorsing checks with my new name. having wedding food leftovers at mom's [mmm pulled pork and potato salad and baked beans]. getting our new tattoos together. kanji characters for husband on jake's ring finger and wife on mine. they're super cool looking and didn't hurt a bit.

i have tomorrow off too, then i have to teach for 2 days lol. we're leaving Friday morning, renting an RV and going down to summercamp. exciiiiiiited :D

everything is just great. i'm married, had a mini-honeymoon and get a full 4 days this weekend, detroit is going to the finals...
life is pretty fuckin sweet indeed.

14.5 hours

me. married. 4pm tomorrow. that's 14.5 hours from now.
holy fucking shit.
soooooo exchited/overwhelmed/jittery/in love/happy/sleepy....
but most of all. r-e-a-d-y.



i can be cruel
i don't know why
why can't my ba-la-loon stay up
in a perfectly windy sky

friends only.

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