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I belong anywhere but inbetween

It couldn't be me and be her inbetween without you

Amber Waves
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420, 90s alternative music, adobe creek wine, alice in wonderland, alpacas, aquarius blue, being naughty, better than chocolate, black and white photography, blondie, bondage, bootleg trading, brendan shanahan, but i'm a cheerleader, butterflies, camping, candles, cartoons, cats, chasing amy, chicago, clea duvall, clerks, clinique makeup, clockwork orange, clove cigarettes, coffee, coloring books, concerts, convertable beetles, cooking, cosmo, cosmopolitians, country roads band, crayons, daisies, david bowie, diet root beer, electric hellfire club, empire records, eyes wide shut, faeries, fashion magazines, festivals, flirting, flute, food network, french bulldogs, friends, garbage, giraffes, girly girl stuff, glass dildos, glass pipes, glitter, green day, green eyes, grrls, harry potter, high fidelity, hockey, horror films, howie day, i-tunes, jacob sweaters, jeopardy, karaoke, kill bill, kitties, lace, landmark vineyard, lesbian erotica, lilo and stitch, lip gloss, live journal, lovespell body spray, lu lu, martinis, massage, masturbation, moe., mushrooms, my buddah bear, my cell phone, my tabby cat, napping, nine inch nails, nintendo, no doubt, oral sex, origami, over the rhine, paint shop, painting, pale skin, panties, phish, photography, piano, pink hair, pink stuff, playing pool, poetry, porn, pot, powerpuff girls, punk rock, r.e.m., rain, rainn, reading, red wine, road trips, rocky horror picture show, sewing, sex, sex & the city, sex toys, shakespeare, she's crafty, short hair, sleeping, stanley kubric, stickers, storms, tall shoes, tattoos, tea, teaching, the beatles, the cure, thongs, throwing darts, tori amos, torrid, tye-dye, vibrators, victoria's secret, video games, weezer, writing